Chrissy in a Pinch Pt 1

10:37 video

(Custom video from script: Chrissy in a Pinch)

Friday evening finally arrived and Chrissy couldn't wait to slough off the stresses of the long week behind her.  She looked forward to the first quiet evening alone in weeks; her friends were cast to the four winds with obligations of their own, as well as her parents, enjoying the first day of their vacation. She hadn't had a boyfriend in some months and was getting accustomed to her sexual liberty, which is why tonight sounded like such a good idea for a little naughty play time.

Chrissy peeled off her clothes and enjoyed those first seconds when her naked skin seemed to breathe easier, unconstrained by the elastic and wire of her undergarments.  Her clothes lay in an unceremonious heap in front of the hamper and she ran her hands over breasts and hips as if clearing away the last vestiges of the office.  She wondered for a moment what her office mates would think if they saw her do what she was planning to do to herself in the next few minutes.  Her stomach did a little somersault as the thought freaked her out and aroused her at the same time.  Maybe she had been alone too long.

No matter, though, as her impending imprisonment would soon deny her the comfort of clothes, let alone shoes.  Tonight, Chrissy decided, she would be naked, as a proper prisoner really should be.  What jailer would offer criminals such pleasures as covering while enduring confinement?  Surely she would not be spared.  The thought got her off track and she rested a hand on the wall while she regained her balance, a little flush ran through her.  If she didn't want to pop her cork before play time, she had to get back to business.

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